After Dark Spirit Walk

How did Savannah gain the reputation of being "most haunted city in North America?" Why do people come by the bus load to stand before a certain house window, try to spend the entire night in a certain hotel room, or look in each darkened room through the windows as they pass certain buildings at night? How does a story that starts out in the famous Habersham home - the Olde Pink House - move to Colonial Park Cemetery and, THEN, to a widow's walk high on the top of a house on the east end of St. Julian Street?

Find out the answers to these and other unexplainable phenomena by walking by lantern-light with Ted through the dark and narrow streets of Savannah at night.

Ted was the tour guide who took NBC-TV reporter, Martin Savidge, and the TODAY SHOW crew on a three-hour After Dark Spirit Walk. Did you see the broadcast? ... or, was it all a figment of your imagination?

Hear the stories of Savannah as only a professional writer and storyteller can tell them.