Read letters and notes sent in regards to Ted's tours.


Comments from Some Who Have Taken Tours With Ted


Visitors from Seattle wrote:


Thank you Ted! We can't wait to get your books as we have fallen in love with Savannah. We realized later that we could have spent so much more time just listening to your stories. The weather didn't matter as you made our day with you so educational and you made the city come alive to us.


We do look forward to our reunion with you someday. If you are ever in the Seattle area, please look us up!


Mike & Cindy

Received by Monique, Innkeeper of Armstrong Inns in Savannah:

Thank you Monique again for our stay in Savannah. The Carriage House was absolutely perfect for us and your recommendations for eating were wonderful! The veal chop was amazing!!

Of course, to top off the vacation was Ted...thank you for referring him to us. We had such a wonderful 6 hour tour with him!! He made us love Savannah even more!

We look forward to our return!


Letter to the Editor of the Savannah Morning News:

August 6, 2007
Editor, Savannah Morning News

To the Editor:

Carol Fogarty did a great job of suggesting things for children to do
while in Savannah.  She could add “Savannah Safari,” a walk through
historic Savannah looking for animals.  Lots of Girl Scouts take the
tour, because it’s educational, inexpensive and fun!

Ted Eldridge’s “A Walk Through Savannah” offers a number of different
tours, including a special tour for children.  A former sixth grade
teacher and school principal, Ted Eldridge’s management skills are so
effective and his style so entertaining that parents can sit back on
a park bench observing from a distance with a glass of sherry.

Bring more kids to Savannah!

Laura Lawton



From a visitor from Charlottesville, Virginia, who brought a family of three children – two teenagers and one elementary school student:




Thanks so much for meeting Keith and the kids and giving them as much of a Savannah tour as the rain would allow!  I loved the packets too - you must send me the answer key if you have it on line!  That was great!




From a close friend offering her garden, which IS a hidden gem, as a stop for Ted’s tours:


Ted, Lady Banks roses....unfortunately....bloom only in early spring. They are on a vine similar in size and type to jasmine, and the roses are tiny, profuse, and either pale yellow or white. I bet you have seen them and just didn't know what they were! The vine, however, is still spilling over my porch and adding interest, though it won't bloom again till next March.


I also have (of course) azalea and camellia bushes, a hibiscus tree that is in bloom, holly bushes, yew, pots of geraniums, and a sago palm that I never have liked but that I know is valuable. It was originally right under where the porch is now, so we transplanted it. My gardener adds bits of color periodically. The wall hiding our air conditioning ducts has been espaliered with pyracantha...the berries are forming now and will be a brilliant orange in the fall....many manage to escape the birds!


WOW! I have made this garden sound like a hidden gem! It is certainly not "tour ready" at all times, as if we were going to be on the NOGS (North of Gaston Street) tour....but it is pretty and would be a nice addition to your eastside tours. I have thought about having a smithy do a new gate...but frankly, I'd rather keep the old one.


Anyhow, feel free to come into my garden when you're over this way with a small tour will help me justify the fact that I pay a gardener to keep it looking spiffy!



From good friend, true Savannahian, fellow Crabette and local artist and writer, Polly Cooper, who, with Emmeline Cooper (another Savannah treasure) developed the Savannah Safari, a special walking tour for Girl Scout and school groups, the first tour of Savannah’s Historic Distric designed for young people:


Good morning, Tay-id,
       We are getting fan calls from the  Tay-id Fan Club from some of the folks you've taken on Safari.  You put so much into your tours and people really appreciate the special touch and extra little detours you make.  Just wanted to pass that on.
       Emmeline and I would like, if you agree, to include a little blurb about Savannah Safari on your website. That way, the inquiries for safaris would come directly to you and you could schedule them to suit your convenience. 

       Let me know whatcha think.